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"Why is gunite better than a traditional concrete pool?"

Traditionally poured concrete pools require more maintenance, and are prone to cracking, chipping and leaking much more than a gunite pool. Gunite uses less concrete, and mixes with other aggregates for a sturdier construction.


Gunite pools are also formed with durable metal framing. This gives you the ability to achieve custom designs and any unique, complex shape you desire!

Get a less intrusive, quicker pool installation

Poured concrete pools simply take a longer time to install. Poured concrete pools also requires substantially more material than a gunite pool - making for a longer, more involved installation process. With our gunite pools, you get quicker results that'll last!

Your new gunite pool's advantages at a glance:

• Longer-lasting and more durable

• Quicker construction and installation

• Completely custom designs and shapes

• Can be coated with many finishes

• Easier and less costly to repair

"Why should I choose Pool Designs & Renovations?"

Gunite pools are complex in their installation, requiring pneumatically applied (sprayed) concrete and sand mixtures, atop intricate metal framing. Only trust a truly experienced, knowledgeable gunite pool contractor. Trust owner Brian and our team. We'll provide you over 30 years of specialized gunite pool experience.


Pool Designs & Renovations is currently providing gunite swimming pool service (gunite pool resurfacing, gunite pool repairs, and new gunite pool construction) to all towns/communities in MA, ME, CT, RI and NH.

Benefits of Gunite Pools

Gunite pools are constructed of concrete, but provide many benefits over traditional poured-concrete pools. Concrete poured pools are less durable. Gunite pools can be constructed to any design or complex shape with durable rebar and wire framing pneumatically applied. Gunite pools provide the strongest construction, drastically reducing costly repairs and maintenance.


Gunite pools require less material concrete. Gunite pools have a smooth enough surface that they can be painted or plastered with many different finishes. Why choose Pool Designs? Gunite pools is a more complex method of pool construction, and so only an experienced, proven contractor should do such installations.